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Whilst gloating over his father's corpse, Darla cruelly deflated Liam, claiming that in the end, his father had claimed the victory because his condemnation would haunt Liam for the remainder of his existence, while his father's suffering, while painful, had been very brief.

Upon awakening, Angel, along with Faith Lehane, once again dedicated himself to redemption, this time by resurrecting Giles.Eventually, Angel adopted the identity of Twilight and gathered a cabal of humans and demons who had become wary of the rise of multiple Slayers.As Twilight, Angel sought to keep these forces distracted as well as make Buffy grow more focused and stronger, and at the same time, try to keep the Slayers' deaths as low as he could.The price of such competence: Liam's soul and capability to feel remorse for his actions.As a demon, Liam, now calling himself Angelus, acted on his darkest impulses, and gave in to his every sinful whim.

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