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Recently so-called international marriage agencies become very popular in Ukraine.

Here young and attractive girls are offered to find a foreign “prince” who will marry and take them into the “Golden Foreign Land”.

Just when a long correspondence starts up, I inform you, you come, and we decide what to do next, whether arrange a meeting with a foreigner, or … She calls me and says: “I do not know, should I go to Germany this month, or to Spain,” – Tatyana smiles. We assign it a month later, when we will have free time. Then, we were tired and sat on the couch discussing the photo shoot. The majority agreed to be registered only because of free photos.

– the girl says.– And how often do these meetings take place? We have a girl who has at first not received any letter. We talk just a few minutes about other girls and bout the different cases in the dating agency. Tatyana made coffee, so the whole room was filled with aroma of the beverage.– So, look, – the photographer begins – I’ll edit photos in Lightroom. I will add beautiful effects.– E-mail me originals – I say without hiding a surprise, – and I will edit them in Photoshop by myself. That is why sometimes funny things happen.– Once a foreigner was going to come to one girl – Katya said.

The advantage of Across the Room's dating agency is that we know you and our other agency members, and have a clear picture of what you're seeking.

There is no better way to meet interesting, suitable people and expand your social life than with our dating agency services.

Nevertheless, now it is difficult to find at least one girl who would not be asked in social networks to create an account at one of the agencies. Once in winter I received a message from a girl, let us call her Tatyana, with the offer of a free photo shoot with a professional photographer.

And today even a small town has at least one such dating websites.

There is countless number of them in Poltava, Ukraine.

Either demand creates offer, or there are so many enterprising citizens of Poltava, who have understood the way to “make a fast buck” from naive foreigners.

Mauve walls, a white leather sofa, a worktable with a computer and printer. While a copier is buzzing scanning my passport, I try to ask as much as possible about the agency. According to her, the work is not complicated, just to respond to men’s letters on girls’ behalf.

I asked how many girls actually had got married.– Already eight girls. Even some already have children – the employee of the marriage agency tries to convince me. I fill a standard questionnaire, where I indicate my full name, parameters, eye and hair color, English level, my favorite flowers and other information in this style. But she has never seen any of these girls, only on photographs.

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