Who is snsd sooyoung dating Ehio sex date

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The relationship between Sooyoung and her boyfriend, Jung Kyung Ho is going strong.

The two stars didn’t seem to mind the attention they get while having a date.

They was spotted having a date and holding hand while walking around the street.

The fan uploaded the photo of the two casually shopping and strolling down the street of Itaewon, neighborhood in Northern Soul.

First Yoona, and now Sooyoung after a couple of days.

At this rate all SNSD members would revealed to be dating before the first month of 2014 ended haha.

SM Entertainment has confirmed the dating news of Sooyoung and actor Jung Kyung-ho, following the exposure by Sports Seoul on January 3rd, 2013.

Apparently the couple has been dating for over a year, which means the rumors in 2013 were actually true (both denied that back then).

On Wednesday, both the agencies of South Korean heart-throb Lee Seung-gi and Yoon A confirmed rumours that the two were dating after local online news media Dispatch released several photos of Yoon A getting into Lee’s car on a number of occasions since October. “Lee Seung-gi and Yoon A’s feelings for each other are mutual and they are dating,” stated a representative from Lee’s agency Hook Entertainment.On their drive dates, Lee, 26, would pick up Yoon A, 23, at her apartment and later send her home, usually before 1am, it was reported.It was convenient as the two live close to each other with their respective families. I'll be dying to see her and Lee Jongsuk together on a drama :) Sooyoung-ah hwating! I love absolutely everything about you, the way you talk, smile, make everyone around you laugh......whenever I see you I somehow feel connected to you. I never make a review before but today I said to all of you that I'm falling in love with her acting skill!! Please use her BEAUTY, this world needs beauty like Sooyoung's! lee seung gi for one, jang geun seuk would be nice. having said that, i almost forgot that there's the Choi Siwon. Saranghaeyo It's kinda funny because she's known as shikshin (food god/can eat much) but she never has fatty. Dear GG Soyoung, Congratulations and good luck to your very first World Tour! I hope she'll have a another drama other than the "Spring days of my life" and be with a much more YOUNGER actor. She's so great at acting and should be offered bigger roles! I just can't believe how can South Korea have such a STUNNING beauty and not use it in dramas. there are a lot of male leads that can be paired with he as well...

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