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After that, the actor now known for "Law & Order" adhered to a strict kosher diet and prayed three times a day until his death in 2016.

His strict observance of Shabbat meant he never performed after sunset on Friday or at all on Saturday, which excluded him from many stage and film roles.

In 1992, she agreed to marry David Bowie in an Episcopal church in Florence, Italy, but that had little bearing on her religious views ("Getting married did not convert me from a Muslim into a Christian").

After Bowie's death earlier this year, Iman posted a tribute to him on Instagram, with these words: "The struggle is real, but so is God.""My first encounter with Buddhist dharma would be in my early 20s," he recalls.

Bob Marley was committed to Rastafarianism, a religion that began in Jamaican slums in the 1920s and is based on the belief that the Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

The reggae star proclaimed his faith in Jesus when the archbishop of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church baptized him in 1980, a year before his death from cancer.

In 2003, a Jewish couple living near Minneapolis reported that the rock star knocked on their door one Sunday.

Then, while shooting "Apocalypse Now" in the Philippines in 1976, Martin Sheen had a heart attack. A helicopter—a movie prop—flew him to Manilla, where a priest performed last rites.Despite his reported 26-year relationship with Katharine Hepburn, Tracy stayed married to his wife Louise until his death in 1967 (though he had left the family home many years earlier).When a friend asked Louise why they didn't divorce, she replied, "Well, he's a Catholic."Although his mother had an Anglican upbringing, Michael Douglas always identified as a secular Jew, like his famous dad, Kirk Douglas.The realization that our Father in heaven is there to help the hopeless had reduced me to tears."Her father was Presbyterian and her mother was Jewish, but Goldie has found her own spiritual path.Although she doesn't like to be pigeonholed, she has identified herself as a "Jewish Buddhist"—and a bit of a "Jesus freak."He played an Irish-born priest in 1938's "Boys Town," and offscreen, too, Spencer Tracy was an avowed Roman Catholic.

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