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It will show which meta tags the crawler scrapes as well as any errors or warnings.The debugger also triggers a scrape of your page, so if you do have errors in your HTML you can use the debugger to update your content. Rockstar's recent GTA Online 1.04 patch alters the payout structure for Missions.Jobs now pay only one-half their original cash value on subsequent playthroughs.The first update mentioned seems like it will be the next big one.Following up on Executives and Other Criminals, new areas for crime have opened up.This should be the undecorated URL, without session variables, user identifying parameters, or counters.Likes and Shares for this URL will aggregate at this URL.

The GTA Online Content Creator is an upcoming free DLC tool for creating or customizing Jobs and Missions in GTA Online.Rockstar also announced that the first stage of their Content Creator module will be rolling out this November.This pack will allow players to customize their own GTA Online content.The stimulus pack was deposited in late November, 2013.The GTA 5 Beach Bum DLC Expansion Pack for GTA Online and GTA 5 launched for Xbox 360 on November 29, 2013. The pack includes new Weapons and Vehicles available across both games.

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