Updating oak kitchen

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Here are 5 kitchen decorating ideas that take your kitchen’s walls from tired to inspired: Color is one of the fastest and most inexpensive ways to update a room.But great, colorful kitchens don’t happen by accident.I used Rustoleum Black Satin spray paint on these, but any brand will do.I don’t like using flat or high gloss on furniture, Satin is always my preference.Once you find your signature three color palette, keep a set handy for accessory shopping.Try to see your kitchen the way a visitor would for the first time. Make that spot and the closest wall your focal point. Compared to the rest of the kitchen, the focal point is bold and unique.After drying about 10 minutes, the chairs are ready for their spray paint debut. If it does start to drip, keep a paper towel handy to blot it before it dries that way.Not always easy to do if there is any wind outside. So, do you have something that needs a can of black spray paint to renew and revive? I'm Rhoda, from Atlanta, GA and I love decorating and DIY projects.

If you’re out of wall space, a door or cabinet surface is another great chalkboard (and dinner menu) in the making. A floating shelf or gallery wall collection on your chalkboard wall adds to the unique look of your new, inspired kitchen walls.

Outside they went and first I wiped them down with a liquid sander.

This step just deglosses wood furniture and helps the paint to adhere better.

Some kitchen decorating ideas for a gallery wall collection include:-Framed album covers-Baskets-Framed wallpaper or fabric swatches-Vintage dishes-Antique, empty frames of different shapes and sizes-A variety of mirrors There are no absolute rules to creating a gallery wall.

Symmetrical, patterned or freestyle placement are all good approaches.

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