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Also, I've kept a day-by-day (or rather, evening-by-evening) development log describing various issues I ran into.

It doesn't have much technical value, but could be an interesting read.

I designed and developed this homebrew OS from scratch, using only x86 assembly language.

I have created and included a number of utilities, including a file manager and a text editor. After all, what kind of an operating system doesn't have games?

The Snowdrop OS and the apps are distributed as both a floppy disk (1.44Mb) image, as well as a CD-ROM image.

The images contain the following, all programmed from scratch: I hope that Snowdrop can serve other programmers who are looking to get a basic understanding of operating system functions.

Regardless, I suggest you always work in a virtual machine when you work with tools whose origin is hard to verify.

To build Snowdrop OS, simply download the source code package from the "downloads" section above.

detected nothing, I believe that the threat report is a false positive.

The provided cygwin1may conflict with the installed Cygwin.

You are encouraged to modify and extend Snowdrop OS with your own system calls (provided by the kernel), or by creating apps for it.

It, too, was written in x86 assembly language, and initially targeted MSDOS.

It made use of several functions of int 21h, the MSDOS services interrupt.

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