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Having said that, we also believe that these allegations are arising 38 years after the date, and Roy Moore has an opportunity to tell the people of Alabama his innocence. You’ve arrived at a certain conclusion because of a certain political persuasion. MITCHELL: And I have no political axe to grind here other than to ask you whether you believe they are credible.To date, we’re uncomfortable that he has done that. But again, if dating a 14-year-old, and you have used the word “pedophilia” in the past, is disqualifying, it comes down to a simple matter of whether or not you believe the women who made that allegation or not. and consider unimportant — the evidence against Trump regarding sexual assaults. And I do think, as the president said, that — MITCHELL: Well, if they’re credible — MULVANEY: — voters should decide. MULVANEY: Andrea, I run the Office of Management and Budget in Washington, D. MULVANEY: I believe that the folks who vote in the Alabama election are gonna ultimately decide that.At times the conversation was hilarious — or maddening, if you prefer — as these men showed that being a loyal Republican these days means suspending any moral or religious code one might have.Marc Short, a senior adviser to Trump for legislative affairs, fared the worst: GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Does the president have any reason to doubt these young women who are making the allegations?STEPHANOPOULOS: And he’s comfortable with Roy Moore being in the United States Senate?SHORT: George, the president has concerns if these allegations prove true about anybody of that nature serving in the United States Senate.

They wound up looking foolish as they persisted in suspending judgment on Senate candidate Roy Moore and refused to say whether Trump would approve of electing an accused child predator to the Senate.SHORT: George, I think that the vice president as well spoke out against this when the allegations came forward, the president has expressed his concern about this.As you noted the president has not gone down to Alabama to campaign for Roy Moore since the primary concluded.SHORT: I think that — the right decision will be what the people of Alabama decide.STEPHANOPOULOS: That’s now — I know you think you have answered the question.

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