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There’s a lot of similarities between Gordon Cole and David Lynch. It’s not like, “Everything is so serious and everything has to be just like this.”He gives us our blocking and we vibe with each other, we get into a zone together, and then it just happens. And he’s the most likable character on the whole show. [ My last and perhaps most important question: What was it like being told “fuck you” by Laura Dern? All of these months of buildup, she didn’t even let me have it in the blocking, and then she fucking let me have it while filming.It’s like Gordon Cole is directing in the scenes that he’s in. They seamlessly phase in and out of each other because they’re both directors. He knew all of his lines, which is pretty remarkable. He was on set for 140 days straight and he had so muchgoing on in his brain, and he still knew his lines like gangbusters. To do anything ever with Laura Dern, to be in the same room with Laura Dern, is remarkable. Here’s how classy she is: When we were blocking the scene and figuring out how we were going to walk, and when we stopped for her to say, “Fuck you, Tammy,”she didn’t say it. And then there was the meme that was “Fuck you, Tammy.” You know you made it big when you get a meme!Now that Tammy has established herself as a crucial member of the Save Cooper investigative team, Vulture called up Lynchian muse Chrysta Bell — who, true to Tammy’s newbie status, had never acted before and what it’s like to be cursed out by Laura Dern.I like Tammy a lot, but she’s proved to be a pretty divisive character. I love Tammy, but I realize not everybody loves Tammy. this is my first time having any experience remotely like this. It’s so precious, there’s so many people, and you want to give so much of yourself to this experience, so you know how precious this is. I didn’t even know to dream that this would happen.Some of the stuff I had read was that Tammy seems contrived or she seems overtly feminine.Like, she’s trying to be a woman or trying to do what a woman would do.

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This is how I am and this is what I do, and that’s how Tammy turned out. There’s an ease to their connection, the same way there’s an ease between Tammy and Albert.

People will take that to mean whatever that feels to them. I think Tammy really wants to do a great job for herself and for these two men that she really respects. The truth was, I was super excited for her to say it.

But as Chrysta Bell, I’m deeply triggering for a lot of people and I’ve known this all my life. Speculation is speculation, and it’s a part of the gets to act alongside David Lynch. I would say that a lot of acting with David is like hanging out with David. [.] So when she finally said it, it was so satisfying.

I think he uses his energy very wisely, and I figured that out on my own, maybe the hard way. If I saw anything with “Tammy” in the title, I skipped it for the most part. If you’re someone who goes deep as often as David does, those connections to that deeper knowing are clearer. [.] Were you nervous about shooting your first scene? But in order for self-preservation, it’s important to not let nervousness take up much of your valuable energy. What I didn’t have was any tools, a tool, that a professional actor would have for this situation. I know my lyrics backwards and forwards, I knew my lines backwards and forwards.

One thing Tammy and I have in common is a studiousness. That was one thing I could at least have in the bag.

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