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After thousands of firsthand testimonies flooded in, the organizers of the campaign admittedly stopped receiving more due to information overload.Meanwhile, the corresponding Facebook group has swelled to over 12,000 members in almost no time at all.One of the signatories admitted that a district prosecutor had harassed her by repeatedly calling and texting her and, when she ultimately declined an invitation to dinner, threatening to destroy her career, calling her a "bloody whore" and suggesting he knew enough people in the profession to ensure she would never get a job.In another instance, a retired judge was claimed to have shown photos of three defendants in a rape case to a female colleague and asked which of them she would like to be raped by.If you've ever worked in a sales office, you know all about "Spiff Day".Spiffs are rewards for the top salespeople, and today Sarah Vandella has called her top salesmen into the office on a Saturday for a surprise Spiff Day! They have no idea why they're being called in to the office on their day off." It turns out Carmen's surprise is none other than the legendary Mandingo.How in the world can Fluffy ever compare to almost 14 inches of rock hard black meat?

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It's clean up time for Fluffy, who's been locked down in chastity since the session began.

All of these are seen as the aftershocks of the #Metoo campaign triggered by allegations against Hollywood star producer Harvey Weinstein.

Thousands of women in different sectors of society reveal harrassement & sexual assaults.

When Sarah starts in with the praise, they're all relived. And we all know her asshole is tighter than her cunt, right? With a dozen eager Bulls waiting to get sucked off, porn star Brooklyn Chase is just as eager..ready to rumble!

When she offers up her holes as Spiffs, well...they're beyond words. The fellahs plow that hole, too, before dumping an enormous amount of semen all over her pretty face. She's decked out in her sexy, slutty cheetah-skinned bikini, and Brooklyn is such a black cock slut, you know she's got today handled!

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