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The threat is not about growing Muslim demographics (although this is taking its toll in Europe, too).The threat is not even from the rise in influence of Islam across the globe.The following section contains notes that I have made about different aspects of this overview (often including source material).Below this can be found a chart which lists out as many countries/regions as possible that have geometric signs, and specifying which ones are present.In locations where people continue to make rock art, studying sites, both past and present, can be difficult as there are often religious connotations surrounding this practice.

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Our office will be closed Friday December 22nd through Monday December 25th. Much of the information for this continent came from Dr David Lewis-Williams’s book "The Mind In the Cave", and journal articles he has published (he is a researcher out of S.Africa who has done a fair amount of research on some types of geometric signs as part of his work on shamanism).There will be a News Clips email this Thursday morning. EIA attributes the price rise in large part due to several LNG export terminals becoming operational. 4605 removes prudent and long-standing Natural Gas Act (NGA) consumer protections designed to limit LNG exports to countries with which the U. The next News Clips email will arrive Wednesday morning December 27th. Also, according to the EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook for 2017, cumulative net demand, which includes exports of LNG increasing to 12.1 Bcf/d (currently DOE has already approved 20.6 Bcf/d for shipment to NFTA countries), will consume 56 percent of all technically recoverable natural gas resources in the lower 48 states by 2050.

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