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Only a priest who had never been chosen to burn the incense previously could participate in the drawing of the third lot, but Zechariah's selection was not a chance occasion.God was guiding the events of history to prepare the way for Jesus, the last lamb of sacrifice and the final sacrifice of atonement to come to earth and to offer Himself for the sins of mankind.The Constitution of the Holy Apostles contains instructions on the celebration of the Holy Days.Book V, section 3 of the Constitution of the Holy Apostles begins with a subject heading and then addresses the Holy Days including the celebration of the Lord's birthday: ON FEAST DAYS AND FAST DAYS: A CATALOGUE OF THE FEASTS OF THE LORD WHICH ARE TO BE KEPT, AND WHEN EACH OF THEM OUGHT TO BE OBSERVED. Brethren, observe the festival days; and first of all the birthday which you are to celebrate on the twenty-fifth of the ninth month....The priest Zechariah was a member of the Abijah division, on duty that eventful day recorded in the Gospel of St. Each morning and afternoon (the Jewish "evening" was our afternoon since their day ended at sundown and the new day began) a priest was to enter the Holy Place in the Temple and burn incense during the daily liturgy of the Tamid sacrifice (Exodus -42).The third daily lot drawing decided which priest had the honor of representing the High Priest and entering burning the sacred incense on the golden Altar of Incense that stood in front of the curtain that shielding the entrance to the Sanctuary's most sacred space "the Holy of Holies and the dwelling place of God among His people (Exodus 30:1-10). The drawing of the lot to burn the sacred incense was a once in a life time opportunity for Zechariah.

The "ninth month" in the Old Covenant liturgical calendar is our December, since their liturgical year began with the spring equinox which fell in late March/early April according to our modern calendar, as did the old Roman calendar before Julius Caesar introduced his calendar reform.

The prejudice may have changed to acceptance as more Gentile converts embraced Christianity.

While it is true that the 25 of December is not mentioned in Scripture, there may be a connection to a Jewish feast day and other Jewish traditions that could identify the New Covenant feast day of the birth of the Christ or which could provide an explanation as to why the Church chose this date.

Each group, according to King David's directions (1Chronicles 24:3-19) took turns serving for a week in the Temple with the exception of the three pilgrim feasts (Exodus -19; Deuteronomy ; 2 Chronicles ) when the service of all the courses of the chief priests and the Levites (lesser ministers) were required at the Temple.

During the two daily worship services in ordinary time, lots were drawn to assign the priestly duties.

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