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KC was the mirror image of her sister only she was four years younger. We would head out early on Friday morning and meet Kelly, the lawyer handling the reading and execution of the will.We were scheduled to meet her in Gunnison at twelve for lunch. The only thing we knew about the ranch and Uncle Joe, was the ranch was called Bear Paw. Kelly looked to be incredibly tanned, making her very sexy.

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She preferred to lounge around her house or my apartment in a sweatshirt and sweatpants.DE and KC’s only relative was an Uncle Joe, who lived in Colorado. Like DE and KC, me and my sister, Kim, who is thirty-four years old two year older than me, lost our parents.I met him at the small wedding we had at DE’s farm. Kim and I lost our parents in a small airplane crash. Actually we leased out six hundred forty acres with the water rights that went with it.We decided to leave Thursday night and drive to Denver. We never even gave it a thought about getting separate rooms for the night.KC like DE usually slept in warm-ups, on the weekends. I had an interesting thought of DE and KC sleeping naked with me; the way DE and I slept when it was just the two of us.

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