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Member of the Jacobins Security Department - Deputation in 1794, and after 1796 a member of a secret political organization called "Centralization of Warsaw"; he was a member of the "Polish Deputation" 1795 - 1796; emigrated to Paris, 1797; the Polish Deputation came into conflict with the moderate Kosciuszko-Uprising migr activists of the "Agency" founded in Paris in 1794 and supporting Henryk Dabrowski's Polish Legions.In 1799, SZANIAWSKI served as an informal representative and head of the Paris Society of Polish Republican; returning to the country in 1801, to Warsaw during the Prussian occupation, Szaniawski co-edited Gazeta Warszawska; headed the censorship.

in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, 1764, died 1843 in Lviv, a Polish philosopher and politician, during the Kosciuszko Uprising (1794) was a Polish Jacobin.1809 one of the directors of the National Guard, then the Central Government of Galicia. 1833, senator of the Polish Kingdom, the Speaker of the Parliament of the Duchy of Warsaw; in 1779 he was the caretaker of the Masonic lodge of the Three helmets, and in 1811/1812 he was a member of the lodge Temple of Isis [see Wankowicz].Soon after, near by the Czartoryski family and in 1810 Szaniawski married Louise Mycielski Moskorzewska, becoming attorney general of the Duchy of Warsaw (1807 - 1815), then active in the Congress Poland. Jzef Soltyk in 1787 stayed in Kurozweki at the cousin's [of his father Maciej] home, and here welcomed King Stanislaus Augustus PONIATOWSKI [see Walewski in Volhynia].1840 studied painting in France; she was a woman of strong and humble disposition.I wrote Eugeniusz Ludwik Armand / Eugene Louis was married to a beautiful Polish - Maria Wilhelmina PASZKOWSKA / MARIA Pashkovskaya.

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