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“When they talk about the modern imprint on morality, it’s like, please, people were always freaks,” he says.“I’ve seen things from the 18th century that would curl your hair.” Elizabeth New’s ceramic skull cups.It’s not as if a movie about alcohol can’t get your pleasure centers popping too — director Jonathan Nossiter certainly did it with “Mondovino,” his 2004 wine documentary. ,” I’m disappointed to report, fumbles on all the basics.It’s a randomly tossed salad of a movie, with a few winning sketches of people who’ve devoted their lives to the art and hedonistic delight of sake. On Sunday, all walks of life convened in the basement of the Morbid Anatomy Museum for their first ever summer flea market, and let’s just say it was a macabre heaven.

A great many of us were made for the Food Channel era, in which the spectacle of chefs and recipes and kitchen-confidential trade secrets became a theater all its own.

Below, some of the novel and the gnarly things I learned.

At the Purevile booth, Wren Britton (left) said he gathers bones and vintage pieces to construct his ornate jewelry.

After 90 minutes, though, you may leave with as many fundamental questions about sake as you had going in.

Do the Japanese drink it hot as well as cold, or is the whole hot-sake thing, as is often said, just a Westernized gimmick? Is the sake industry in Japan now expanding or foundering?

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