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But that cannot be prevented when Eritreans are atomized and they live suspecting and fearful of each other.Unfortunately, some people are so intimidated they have internalized the ruling party’s justifications or are so selfish they do not feel obliged to fight for the rights of their relatives let alone their compatriots.The Eritrean tragedy is not obscure to anyone who follows current events; there is an international awareness about the thousands of prisoners of conscience in the country.And Eritreans know that the awareness about their plight is a result of a dedicated and resilient struggle by people of goodwill, and Eritrean activists who made sure the victims are not forgotten.That culture, which is supported by divine scripture, is well established in the region, and that is why most people do not die, they are martyred.However, Eritreans face a dilemma when a victimized prisoner and his jailer die: are both considered martyrs?

Importantly, what is the value of an Eritrean life and a citizen’s freedom?Understandably, it’s difficult for anyone who is not in their shoes to appreciate their situation—they are anxious and blackmailed individuals who live in agony.However, it is fair to assume that they can do a lot better than complete silence.Here, the main observation is not necessarily concerning the blackmailed individuals per se, but the entire Eritrean society.Sadly, the Eritrean government’s blackmailing tactics have encouraged a few people to shamelessly peddle their silence as a virtue, and to pledge allegiance to the misleadingly named segment, “Silent Majority”, a brand they hide behind, and portray as an epitome of wisdom.

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