Glossary online dating terms

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You’ve probably heard of ‘ghosting’ – when someone you’re dating cuts all contact with you, often out of the blue.This may sound cowardly, but depending on circumstance (i.e.He says the warning signs to look out for include minimal effort, lazy texting, and plans falling through last minute.In other words, you are their plan B; they may like you and don’t want to cut you off, but they’re keeping their options open.

Here's to keeping you updated, and the world even more confused about love in the 21st century.

So, in order to better inform you (and perhaps ourselves), we scoured blogs, took a voyeuristic look at text message threads, and got stories from, er, friends to put together a collection of terms that now define the language of the Modern Dater.

Get educated, and then go find Daniel Day-Lewis’s greatest and most convincing role was when he catfished me as “Duchess Gwennifer Goosebottom III,” the first woman to win the Monaco Grand Prix and the richest person in all of Wales.

If you’ve ever been in the dating game you’ll probably have at least one disastrous tale to tell.

The whole process can be exhausting and confusing: the constant ‘are we/aren’t we?

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