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Richard Hays, dean of Duke Divinity School, is one of four top theologians who offer their opinions on the recent religious conscience debate.

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You may hear a French gay men throwing around words like tante (literally “aunt”), papa gâteau (“sugar daddy”), or crevette (literally “shrimp” but describing a twink).

In the 19th century, gay men were arrested for indecent exposure in the many public urinals installed during the 1830s.

While the structures evolved over time, these vespasiennes (public urinals) were generally known as meeting points for homosexual and male prostitutes across the city.

If it’s not bread, it’s the galette des rois, a raspberry tart, or a brioche in the shape of men’s privates. (Photo: Legay Choc/Facebook) After marriage was legalized for all couples in France in early 2013, there were still plenty of protests from conservatives.

None, perhaps, were as shocking as that of 78-year-old Dominique Venner. Photo: Dennis Jarver/Flickr) In May 2013, he entered the popular tourist attraction of the Notre Dame cathedral, left a letter on the altar, and shot himself dead in front of shocked visitors.

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