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Willingness to engage in romantic and sexual activities with bisexual partners: Gender and sexual orientation differences.

The relationship between experiences of discrimination and mental health among lesbians and gay men: An examination of internalized homonegativity and rejection sensitivity as potential mechanisms.

They couldn't — and still cannot — attain that wish.

This is because they were already notorious for treating their company of women in a shallow, degrading manner.

They would often say things like “you’re not really fat,” or would disparagingly comment on the size of women who were literally exactly the same size as me.

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It’s totally exhausting and places the entire burden of being charming/wonderful/irresistible on us.

In the past, when I was younger, clueless, and dating fatphobes (I didn’t know how to pick up on these things and I was dieting myself), I noticed that they did a lot of mental Olympics around their attraction to my body.

Recently, I came to the conclusion that it literally made no sense to keep doing gendered emotional labor for men.

I think I was drinking coffee or showering when the heavens opened up and, like, Stevie Nicks came down from on high with that nugget of wisdom.

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