Dating reise ukraine

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"We have never done this before for anybody," Füle said.

Both European leaders considered the paper to be a pledge of confidence.

It's a reality that many in Europe have long sought to ignore.

The story of the run-up to Vilnius is one filled with errors in judgment, misunderstandings, failures and blind spots.

The Cold War is over." But the insight came too late. 25, 2010 Viktor Yanukovych was sworn in as president of Ukraine on Feb.

25, 2010 by the Verkhovna Rada, the country's national parliament.

The first guests he would receive as president were chief European Union diplomat Catherine Ashton and European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy Stefan Füle. During his inaugural address, Yanukovych had rejected the clear Western orientation of his predecessor Viktor Yushchenko.

Instead, he said Ukraine should become a "bridge" between the East and West.

Merkel did say at the summit that, "The EU and Germany have to talk to Russia.The idea that Moscow might be prepared to use force to prevent a further expansion of the Western sphere of influence didn't seem to register with anyone.With the special role it plays and the special responsibility it has for Europe, the meltdown also represented a failure for Germany.It was their own, very bureaucratic way, of describing Ukraine's path to a European future.They handed him the matrix as if it were some kind of gift.

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