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Here’s the exact template I use – complete with budget built in and all: J’s Financial Snapshot.

I work in a big wheelchair friendly office building where I have to go from room to room a lot.Still, there are some things that you should never say to your partner no matter how upset you are.INSIDER spoke to "loveologist" Wendy Strgar, founder of Good Clean Love and the author of "Love That Works" and "Sex That Works," about what couples should steer clear of." data-src="" role="presentation" src="//" title=""Loveologist" Wendy Strgar told INSIDER it's more about how you say something than the words you use...I am a paraplegic, paralyzed from just above my waist down to my feet.I have been a paraplegic since I was a little girl. My legs are very thin and flaccid, but I still think of myself as attractive, even sexy.

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