Dating for aspies

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Everyone, regardless of whether they have asperger syndrome or not, struggles at times in relationships with others.

It is true that aspies may have more difficulties than some, but the fact remains that every person who has friends or is in a relationship sometimes find it hard to get on and communicate well with the other party or parties.

If things are not done the way the parent wants and they become angry then the child may learn to fear the parent and pull away from them.

Oftentimes aspies feel most relaxed and comfortable when they operate within fixed routines.

Emotions and feelings are important in marriage, or any relationship for that matter, and if the couple is unable to share these emotions with each other then it can put additional strain on the relationship and marriage.Those with aspergers can especially struggle due to the inability to participate well in ‘small talk’ and general, every day conversation.The difficulty with understanding jokes and abstract concepts can also make communications within a relationship somewhat harder than the average relationship.Keep in mind too that aspies have strengths as well as weaknesses, just like everyone else on the planet.So even though there are challenges and difficulties there are also strengths that need to be remembered and encouraged.

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