Dating ariane 6 1 final

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As of mid-March, it appeared that the key strategic goal of building an Ariane 6 rocket on time and on budget had not yet been affected by the issues of tax liability, industrial influence and national pride that are creating roadblocks to Airbus’ proposed industrial reorganization around Airbus Safran Launchers (ASL), the Ariane 6 prime contractor.

Airbus Strategy Director Marwan Lahoud told journalists Feb.

Safran is now under new management, with a new chief executive and a new chief financial officer who may or may not share their predecessors’ judgment that the company had nothing better to do with 800 million euros than to invest in ASL. 25, Safran Chief Executive Philippe Petitcolin declined to confirm the 800-million- euro figure and said that “whatever” the amount, it would only be transferred once ASL is fully operational.

Government and industry officials now say the most likely scenario, especially given the tax considerations, is that Safran will pay a much lower amount for a minority stake in ASL.

Auque went out of his way to say this was not a case of a slow-footed bureaucracy, but rather the consequence of the fact that Airbus had only recently thought to inquire about tax consequences.

European government and industry officials suggested another scenario: Airbus had been seeking, without success, a tax waiver of some kind.

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Lahoud spoke just after Airbus Chief Executive Tom Enders publicly expressed frustration at how slow the ASL project was moving, and even left open the possibility that it might not happen.

Why Airbus was in such a hurry to conclude this purchase has never been clear, but company officials have repeatedly said it needed to happen as soon as possible.

Assigning a value to that 35-percent stake depended on whether you looked at Arianespace’s past financial performance, or a future that includes an upgraded Vega and the Ariane 6.

Once that happened, ASL could come together as scheduled.

There was a second obstacle, then considered minor: ASL’s purchase of the French government’s 35-percent stake in Arianespace.

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