Dating a former crack addict

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He has constantly struggled with his addictions and has relapsed several times, but the worse thing is he has lied about it.

The thing is I totally understand what you were saying regarding your partner not seeming to be equipped to cope with life and having life skills. We have a 20 month old daughter and although he adores her and she him, he hasn't been supportive to me.

Sometimes men relapse with drugs because they “need” the disinhibiting substance to reduce their sexual inhibitions.

Other times they relapse because their new playmate is using.

He has been clean for almost 6 years and we have been together for 4.Things came to a head before Christmas and I ended up ringing the drug worker as I didn't know what to do anymore.They weren't aware at all as to how he is with his behaviour and issues and told me they'd see him and help him with courses etc.He had one appt then didn't go to the next because (in his words) "I can't be ******".Because of how he is he cannot comprehend everything going on and because he isn't using and not out drinking all weekend and helps with the housework, he thinks there is nothing wrong.

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