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Benjamin's father's name is John but that is all the information we know about his father.I hope some how you are able to help Benjamin find his father thank you for your time.We only have a first name for his father and the last known place he lived, which was a place called Annerley Brisbane.My partner's name is Benjamin and his mothers name when he was born was Deborah Wright.No one is sure what happened to him or where he is. I know that it would make his Mum happy to know that he was safe or at least give us as a family some closure. Regards, Jacque Hi I'm hoping u will be able to help me find my father, I need to find him as my son is unwell and doctors need more family information, I don't care if he doesn't want to meet me I just need answers, his name is Graeme Arnol or Arnold, he met my mother at Longford in 1970, her name is Sherron Griffith, she was with her sister at the time Trudy Houston, he may have a sister Wendy and lived in Invermay Launceston Tas as a child, his mum was freinds with a Mrs Boon sorry but that is all I know I hope u can help me and my son. Im searching for my son who I have not had any contact with since he was two and a half back in 1982. His mother and I separated and I have only had glimpses of him a couple of times up until he was 8.His name at birth was Stephen James Asplin and he was born in 1979.It has been so long and my memory is starting to fade.

Here are the details I know : His name is Alan (surname unknown) he is from New Zealand, would have been shearing sheep around Northam WA in about late 1984.I'm hoping that someone may see this and know who he is. To contact us - phone 0422 341 955 or email My name is Hillary.I'm not sure if you can help me but I am looking for my older half brother, born in Invercargill, New Zealand around 1975 Mothers name Annette Campbell who was born 1959. Born in Southland Hospital, he would now be approx 42 years old. My name is Michael Dolan and I'm seeking out to find possible biological children who I've never met before but I've now got some rumours floating around the Southern Sydney area, of the possibility of having a biological daughter who was a twin at birth to a brother in 1994 and a biological son who was born around 2003.If anyone knew Lesley in 1980/1981, especially if they have any information about Kelly's father would you please contact us?Alternately, if you think you know Kelly's dad, please get in touch.

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