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Native API's for C, C , Delphi, COM (any Active X language such Visual Basic, VBScript, ASP, . Appforge Mobile VB: Dragon DB - MVB Edition an SQL database engine and software development toolkit for creating Microsoft Pocket PC and Smartphone database applications using .

Dragon DB is built upon SQLite3 so its databases are portable to all platforms and applications which support the SQLite3 database format.

a minimalistic C wrapper for SQLite and SQLite3, inspired by the ADO. It supports My SQL, Postgre SQL, Sqlite2 and Sqlite3. With the Ch SQLite package, all C (or C ) programs using functions from the SQLite C library can readily run in Ch interpretively without compilation.

Sql Wrapper XX is designed to be easy to use, small, and to the point. It is an ideal solution for rapid prototyping, Web- based applications, and embedded scripting.

A C serialization library that uses a sqlite3 database as storage. The wrapper layer can be used by itself without having to use the serialization layer which sits above it. a Common Lisp interface to SQL RDBMS which includes both functional and object oriented subsystems for data definition and manipulation as well as an integrated symbolic SQL syntax.

A number of Common Lisp implementations and RDBMS (including SQLite) are supported. Current Wrapper-Version 3.0.23 (engine-version 3.7.4), now part of the free dh Rich Client3-Toolset ...

SQLite Plus features built-in scripting capability - something NO OTHER PRODUCT has. Teaches how to modify the SQLite C source code to make it VB-friendly.

(like TASQLite DB, TASQLite Query, TASQLite Table, TASQLite Update SQL and others).

best performing COM-Wrapper, built-in encryption, optimized for disconnected Recordset-scenarios, super fast serialization/deserialization with 'Update Batch', Connection-, Recordset-, Field- and Command-Objects, DB-Schema-Obj-Model, builtin VB-Function-Set ( means UTF8-awareness without ICU ...

combinable with a free COM-RPC-Server for usage in real App Server-scenarios in your LAN or over the Internet (due to built-in protocol-compression and -encryption).

As a result, DISQLite3 outperforms sqlite3up to 50% for common operations. Simple SQLite 3.0 wrapper, no TDataset or databinding, but fast and easy to use. SQLite JDBC driver that contains natively compiled SQLite (version 3.x) for Windows (x86), Mac OS X (Intel i386) and Linux (i386, amd64). Are you tired of 'reading between the binds' to find your database logic? This provides a DBAPI compliant wrapper for SQLite 2 or 3 and hides some of SQLite's idiosyncrasies.

Other operating systems are also supported with the pure Java version of SQLite. Try Step Sqlite - write powerful database interfaces for SQLite in minutes not hours - you can use variables directly in SQL - no more having to write binds; supports stored procedures, functions, packages, triggers (with procedural code),cursors, even has built-in date operators. Py SQLite (as sqlite3) is a core module of Python since Python 2.5: - Python SQLite Shell:

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