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Robert said he doesn't think anyone cared back then. Robert said he's never really been in that position. Robin said that they declared it the sexiest song of all time. Howard asked if any of the guys ever pressured him. He said Bonzo used to say to him that he wasn't very good but he looks good so just go out and do it. Howard played a song called May Queen from the new album. He said he's wondering if Jimmy is listening and wishing he was there. He asked if he's standing in for someone who knows what they're doing. Robert said they'll get theirs when he's pushing up daisies. Howard asked Robert if he has ever had sex to any of the Zeppelin albums. Howard said if he was him he'd play his music and have it on all the time so they know how it is. Howard said he wants him to come in and dredge up every memory he has about all of his songs. Robert said there was a lot of time between verses. He said that you have to just say at one point that something happened for a lot of musicians. Howard said he has to do more interviews with him from now on. Here's my rundown from that day: Andy Cohen Visits. am After the break they played a phony phone call the guys made to an oil delivery company with clips of Howard talking about renewing his contract. He said he saw Richard that day and he can't imagine anyone will shake his hand now. Howard said Richard wiped the shit out of his underwear and kept wearing them. Howard said he had something interesting to say and they played her off. He said he won't do late night shows because he puts so much into it. Andy said he'd think Howard would get lost in his canvas doing that. Howard asked Andy about touring with Anderson Cooper and what that's like. Howard said Jimmy will play a solo and he can't just stand there. He said he just thought about it as being some kind of cosmic aerobics. Howard played some Led Zeppelin music and asked if he goes away for months to figure out how to do it. Howard thanked him for all of the music over the years. He gave him another plug for the album and for his web site Robert Robert said it was a pleasure to come in and meet the two of them. Robert said have a good time until they meet again. They also played a Scott the Engineer album commercial parody. Howard said Richard did it in the bathroom out where Andy and other people use it. Andy said he was very entertained when Chris Robinson was on the show trashing John Mayer. He said he has taken time off and killing it with the Grateful dead. Andy said he's never made a move on a straight guy. Andy said that Katy Perry came out and said that he was the best she ever had. Andy said the reboot is that it's Thursday's on FOX and it's more than one date. Andy said at the end of the show they have a love or money thing they do. Andy said they have a set show but things change based on what's going on. Howard said he has been waiting his life to tell him this. He said there's something in the body clock that gets it there. He said the greatest love song ever written is ''Thank You.'' Howard said the lyrics are great. Robert said he's handing it out like it's Shakespeare. He played ''Whole Lotta Love'' for Robert and Robert said it's in stereo too. He said the adrenalin kind of comes up like sap in a tree.

Howard said Robert became a superstar early on and he must not have had to have a regular job. He said he would get up at 6 in the morning to put asphalt down on the roads. Howard said Andy has a show called Then and Now and he did a piece on him and he showed some really bad pictures of him. Howard said it's funny with pot that you don't have to say you're high. Andy said that sometimes you may need to explain where your head is at.

He said they came to see him and saw him sing in a group singing Buffalo Springfield songs. Robert said he thinks that he could be absurd and ask stupid questions of people. Robert said he was wondering if he goes out to clubs or anything. Robin said he wouldn't be able to find his way there from 2 blocks away. Howard said there aren't many people who can sing like him. Robert said that when they first started playing over there people were laying on the floor and barely able to get up. Howard asked if he remembers him leaving the show that day. Howard said they have their first The Bachelorette and the ratings went down by 10 percent. Andy said that usually the ratings will go up because African Americans are looking for themselves on TV. Howard asked if he transgender decides to go on Love Connection would he tell the guy she's dating that he's transgender. Howard said some transgender don't make it an issue. He said he worked with Kathy for many years at Bravo and he liked her. Howard said she'll go get eyelashes once in a while and she'll come home asking what he thinks. Howard said if that was the only show Andy ever did he'd be a hero. Andy said he may have been in the media but he doesn't think he really was in the mix. Howard said he thinks in private she must tell him something. Howard asked if Andy had to bang Seacrest or Strahan, which one would it be.

He said Jimmy said he was going to go somewhere to figure things out and he asked him to come along. He said he got his vinyl out of his suitcase and the stuff Jimmy had was very similar. Howard said do the show and he'll air it and they'll see how it goes. Robert said he'll be back in 3 years to promote another album. Robert said he'll take Howard out to a couple of places after this. Howard said in 1977 he went to see them perform and he had to leave because people were dropping M-80s on the audience. He said he should think about this stuff as a host. Andy said there was a 70 year old who was stood up on Tinder. Howard said Andy was having vocal issues last time. He said that he thought they were good for your throat but he thinks it was irritating his throat. Howard said it's ridiculous that she gets that and thinks it makes a difference. He said they must blow him over at Bravo every day. He said he has a great relationship with them over there. Howard asked if he can believe that she went with Ryan Seacrest. Howard said she must have given him some earful with the Michael Strahan thing. He said he has to respect his friends so he won't say what they talked about. Howard said Andy must know a lot of stuff that he could write a book about.

"I've only really had relationships with women, but I'm certainly not closed to it.

If there are possibilities of being able to do anything in life, why would you say you would never take any up? During puberty, it's all about sex, and it's all about figuring yourself out.

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