Angela bowie dating

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Dressed in old jeans and a baggy top, another empty day unfolds.

Her look is not one which would ordinarily turn heads, but as she walks past, curtains twitch and the children stop and gawp.

Ominously, she added: "Inside, I am churning up really. It is so weird - really, really weird - because a £21,000 salary is not a bad wage. "The most I've ever won before was a bottle of whisky in the works Christmas raffle and £20 in our lottery syndicate." The fact that she was not formally separated from her husband, Gerald Kelly, would not cause problems, she said, and with a new boyfriend on the scene and money to burn, life was looking rosy for perhaps the first time since her marriage had broken down eight years earlier. "He said: 'That's you, you never need to worry about anything again.' He said good luck and well done.

Her ex would get a share, she vowed, explaining that they had never divorced "because we didn't want to put John through more heartache. I need to sit down and speak to Gerry about what he is looking for.

Instead of living it up, she is driving a borrowed second-hand car, living like a hermit in a backstreet flat in an area plagued by joyriders, shopping in half-price sales at a retail park, going to drive-through fast-food chains, and living on supermarket ready meals.

An isolated, lonely figure, the moral of her story might be the old adage: "Be careful what you wish for." It is a far cry indeed from the magical day on August 15 when Angela made front page news after her numbers came up in the Euro Millions triple rollover draw, making her richer than Princes William and Harry and footballer Wayne Rooney. Financially stretched and worried about her overdraft, she had bought a £1.50 lucky dip ticket at her local supermarket. Still unable to comprehend her luck, 40-year-old Angela asked her colleagues at the post office, where she had worked from the age of 16, to check her numbers for her. "I didn't know what to do at first, I couldn't believe it," she said.

Friends and family were high on her list of priorities, and she was thinking of donating to a few charities. To know that I have that every week and loads more, I just cannot get my head around it all.

For this is Angela Kelly: the Royal Mail worker and single mother who, two months ago, became Britain's biggest ever lottery winner, worth a staggering £35 million.

There's not much to spend your money on in East Kilbride.

Reading the newspaper during her break at work on Monday morning, she saw that someone had won many millions the previous Friday night, and that the prize remained unclaimed. "It was only when everyone in the office started cheering that I realised it must have been me who'd won.

"I rang the National Lottery phoneline to make my claim, but my hands were shaking so much it was difficult to write my name on the back of the ticket like they asked. I pushed my chair back and put my head between my knees, I was so flabbergasted." One colleague captured the fateful moment on her mobile phone; another brought a cup of tea to calm her nerves.

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